Kenmill Sharpening/Honing Strop


Stropping removes the last imperfections of the cut. With even greater sharpness as a result.

Like a razor strop, the leather strops for honing are used to put a very fine edge on your blade. The double-sided leather paddle strop is designed for honing and keeping knifes’ and tools’ blades razor sharp. Simply strop the blade away from the cutting edge on both sides to maintain the factory edge. The strop has a flat and sturdy construction.

Made from vegetable-tanned cowhide (Dual Sided) on Meranti hardwood paddle.
To be used after sharpening for burr removal and polishing for the perfect edge.

Overall Length: 295mm
Width: 43mm

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White & Green Compounds
You can add buffing compounds on the leather strop. You just need to rub them into the leather a few times and they will attach to the leather. Polish edges more quickly, helps you achieve a mirror polish.

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Dimensions 295 × 43 × 15 cm


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