Kenmil Wild Olive Utility Hunter


Style: Utility Hunter by Ken van Niekerk
Bolster: 304 Stainless
Pins: 316 Stainless
Handle Material: Wild Olive, Olea Europaea subsp. Africana
Tang: Full / Tapered
Blade Steel: Böhler Uddeholm N690 (+- 58HRC)
Grind: Hollow
Length: 203mm Overall, 95mm blade length (measured from front of bolster to knifepoint)
Sheath: handmade leather with belt loop

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Hand-made hunting knife by Ken van Niekerk in Pretoria, South Africa.
See my process for making knives (here).

Some guidelines for the care of your knife.

  1. Always wipe and dry your knife after use.
  2. Wash with warm soapy water, rinse and dry.
  3. Do not place in dishwasher.
  4. Do not place your knife in an oven and avoid excessive heat. This may weaken the structure of the steel.
  5. Do not strike the knife with another metal object.
  6. Avoid dropping your knife onto a hard surface such as concrete or tile floors.
  7. Sharpen your knife with an oil or water stone and hone with a strop.

The handle of your knife is made from naturally dense wood. The wood is finished with boiled linseed oil and a wax-based polishing compound. Do not subject the handle to excessive heat, direct flame, acidic or caustic solutions, or long-term submersion in liquid.

Additional information

Dimensions 205 cm

Wild Olive


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